Get Paid Using PreSearch

What is PreSearch and why is it Important to me?

How is this going to benefit me?

Are these the types of questions you have when you are presented with a “How to get paid” advertisement? I don’t blame you.

I am so glad you asked these types of questions. I am not one bit offended by this. You have asked some very strategic and important questions. I like you already! You’re the type of person that doesn’t believe the first thing people tell you. That’s very smart of you. Everyone is guilty and suspicious until proven innocent. Right? Right!

Actually, you may be one of my 5 friends. Hey yall! How are you doing? I told you I have been writing articles and books. When are you going to start writing that book, movie, or invention? You? Yes, you. Don’t let me have all the fun. We’ll talk about that later.

That’s not how I know you? No, no I know who you are. You are someone I casually met in conversations and I asked you if you wanted to learn about something really cool. Is that safe to say? Well, if that be the case, you know it’s the people that you know that’s the hardest convincing. Would you agree with that? LOL! If I don’t know you personally let me take the time to thank you for stopping by. You are appreciated. It’s nice to have you here. A breath of fresh air. Don’t worry, It’s not you that I have to worry about. It’s them… the family members and close friends. Umm hmm.

So let me address the naysayer.

No, it’s not a scam! Yes, we are all tired of scammers.

No, this is not a get-rich-quick scheme either.

This is new and when things are new it’s hard to believe. Listen! Remember this if you don’t remember anything else I’ve ever told you. One day all of this web3 technology will be the norm. Some kid somewhere in the world is going to be like “they surfed the internet for free? What was wrong with them mom? LOL!

Okay, let’s get serious for a second. It’s important to you because you can browse the internet without being spied on. The most important and fun fact of why it’s important to you is that you get paid to browse. I am so excited that someone told me about Presearch. I love getting rewarded for something I do every single day of my life. If I were a betting woman I would bet that by the end of this article you will be using PreSearch. Why wouldn’t you?

You do like getting paid for your time. Right?

This is where the reprogramming of the minds has to occur. Just because you have never seen or heard of it doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist. You start by understanding that your time is very valuable and your attention should be rewarded. Do you believe you can get paid for the simple ordinary things you do every day? Well, believe it! Listen, here’s the deal, I am an ordinary woman who stumbles on to a lady by the name of Dazzle Daniels. I was taking crypto and NFT classes from her and one day she taught me how to get free crypto in class. She taught me so many wonderful things about web3 and beyond. Now, I am sharing this with you. Another thing she taught is to never leave any coins on the table. I hope you share this with someone else.

I know that it’s hard to believe so I made a STEP BY STEP VIDEO to show you how it’s done.

In order for me to (DYOR) DO MY OWN RESEARCH or (DYDD) DO YOUR DUE DILIGENCE in this new world of crypto and NFTs I had to do a little research of my own.

For example, What is Monopoly?

Monopoly: exclusive ownership through legal privilege, command of supply, or concerted action.

Google is king when it comes to searching the web. I can say that Google had a monopoly on internet browsing and searching. However, new technology is emerging out of the dark ages and into these web3 streets. I’m here for the new tech stuff and now other web3 search engines like Presearch are paying people for their time. Not only are they paying in crypto but they are keeping our search private. I always say what I’m looking for should not be tracked and now you are shoving ads down my throat. Hey buddy! Now don’t go and try to do something stupid since I said it’s private.

Many companies pay google and other search engines top dollars to be in the number one spot in search results. However, Presearch is now paying for our attention. Yes, you, the person who is searching for all sorts of things on the internet. I can say for “now” that when you search your results are not biased based on who could pay the most advertising dollars.

Search privately, receive better results, and get rewarded with the Presearch decentralized search engine, powered by blockchain technology.

I always use “PreSearch”. That’s right I use Presarch and I got paid to look up the word Monopoly. Actually, I get free $PRE coins when I use it PreSearch to research anything. As you know, we are all researching things on the web all day every day. The difference is I get paid to research. Isn’t that great to get paid to do something you are already doing? Do you want to know more?

I did a video on how to set up your PreSearch

Great! I am happy to share the wealth of knowledge with you. So, if you want to get paid for searching and using the internet like you are already doing, here’s what you will need:

Here’s a referral to Presearch


If you want to get paid to search the internet use that link. Get paid for your time! Google is great but they will only put the highest paying advertisement in front of you and they are not paying you anything.

You should start today. What are you waiting for? You have been enlighted so start right now!



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