What is DAMN?

DAMN stands for Digital Art Management Network.


Written by Rahsaana Ison

“Bring your greatness, and we’ll handle the hard part. Your 1 stop shop for NFT creation and monetization, We’ll do the DAMN thing for you”


Digital Art Management Network is a national, full-service management network that is entirely owned and operated by women. We make the process of developing and launching your NFT easy, straightforward, and profitable. We remove the guesswork out of the NFT creation and release process.

We have extensive knowledge of cryptocurrency, blockchain, and the NFT space.

It is no longer sufficient to simply create an NFT (Non-Fungible Token) and hope for word-of-mouth marketing to result in growth. Allow Digital Art Management Network to do all of the legwork for you.


Dazzle Daniels — Operation Manager

Miriam Mimi Smith — Consultant / Virtual Assistant

Rahsaana Ison — Public Relations / Edutainment Specialist/Blogger

Lisa Coleman — Digital Graphic Designer/ Social Media Management

Teresa Scott — Research

Our work increases sales, loyalty, and brand equity.


NFT is an abbreviation for non-fungible token. The Ethereum blockchain contains the majority of NFTs. Ethereum, like Bitcoin, is a large and well-known cryptocurrency, but its blockchain also supports smart contracts, including NFTs. These non-fungible tokens store additional information that allows them to function differently than, say, a regular Ethereum coin.

NFTs have become hugely popular with cryptocurrency users and companies alike because of the way they are revolutionizing the gaming and collectibles space. Since November 2017, there has been a total of $174 million spent on NFTs. It’s safe to say NFT’s are here to stay.


Any digital file can be transformed into an NFT. This includes:

  • Images
  • Music
  • Video
  • Books
  • Make-up
  • Fashion
  • Art
  • Games
  • Collectibles
  • Sports Cards
  • Jewelry

There are a variety of other unusual types of NFT assets, such as virtual real estate.

NFTs can be created from digital concert experiences and even famous tweets and sold to the highest bidder.

What Digital Art Management Network brings to your NFT:

We will craft a roadmap for your NFT based or your goals and roll out specifications such as:

  • Conceptualization meeting to finalize the vision
  • Selection of NFT utility
  • Advertising campaign structured according to your advertising budgets
  • Social media and the community setup and moderation
  • Likeness and identity secured
  • Onboarding education
  • What is a wallet and how to use it NFTs onboarding education for NFT
  • What is an NFT = how to buy, how to send, how to receive NFTs
  • Crafting communication and engagement for social media and lives and AMAs



NFT Queen of the South Rahsaana Ison

Rahsaana Ison is The NFT Queen of the South